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Linking Systems

Base Shoes & Hanger Bolts

Our SPM and SPM-H base shoes for pillars are anchoring systems that link prefabricated pillars to one another and to foundations.

The forces acting on the transversal section are transmitted by hanger bolts to the foundation or the concrete element underneath. The prefabricated pillar is bolted to hanger bolts that are immersed in the foundations. The system is fastened with nuts and washers, and the positioning is easy.

Based on a longstanding field experience, LINK s.r.l’s technical staff has developed an innovative, cheap, and practical solution called mixed system. Here, the base shoe-hanger bolt system is only applied to the corners of a pillar’s section, in continuity with longitudinal angle reinforcements – a link approved after scrupulous stress testing.

The combination of the system’s parts is made of B450 highly-adhering steel and corrugated tubes. The system is sized to resist the stress of wind during assembly and to match the longitudinal reinforcement designed by the structural engineer. Integration bars are sized to connect with the lateral reinforcement of the pillar’s section. Sizing is care of LINK s.r.l’s technical office and informed by the results of the analyses carried out by the structural engineer.

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