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Anchoring Systems


An anchoring system is a mechanical junction between a prefabricated element and a support, be it also prefabricated or not. Its versatility and ease of use make it ideal for industrial prefabrication.

The anchoring system has a wealth of optionals designed by LINK s.r.l.Using a LINK s.r.l anchoring system has a number of advantages:

• Ease of adjustment while coupling prefabricated products

• Safety certified by accurate testing of the materials and product

• Speed of use

Choosing the right anchoring is crucial. In particular, the profile’s resistance is key. For safety reasons, this is expressed with a factor of 3.

Anchoring Systems

Fastening Systems

LINK s.r.l’s fastening systems are made of:

• A C-shaped, cold-shaped metal section bar with a stamped-nail anchor

• A high-density sponge inside the profile, with the outer part lined in polypropylene

• Optionals: Small angle plates with different geometries and loads, rods with one or two eyelets, bayonet plates with anchor head or hammer head, bayonet plates with bushing or welded rod, all with or without skid-proof milling (depending on your request)

Anchoring Systems

Connectors & Optionals

Bolts and bayonets with anchor head or hammer head, transferring fastening stress

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